13 Benefits of Owning an E-bike

by Daniel D November 09, 2022 5 min read

E-bikes can make a huge difference in your daily life.

They have become a symbol of modern urban transport in the past few years, and they're a very common sight, especially in big cities. There's no arguing that electric bikes are rising in popularity, and sales continue to boom for these two-wheeled machines.

E-bikes have become so popular because they're extremely fun to ride and because of the vast list of benefits they provide. The advantages of E-bikes are not just from an economical and time-saving standpoint, as they're also great for your health.

First of all, E-bikes are less physically demanding on joints and muscles than walking or riding a bicycle, and because they're powered with electricity, there's less pollution overall when riding them.

In this article, we'll go over the best benefits that E-bikes provide, so buckle down and keep reading.

The Benefits of E-bikes

1. Portability

E-bikes are maybe the most portable mode of personal powered transport. Many people love that they can unfold their electric bikes, get to where they need to be in a few minutes, and fold the E-bikes again to store them safely somewhere until they're done with their task.

2. Eco-friendly

We can't talk about E-bikes without mentioning the environment. One of the hottest topics right now is climate change, and there is a collective mentality to look for more environmentally-friendly modes of transport to reduce emissions to a minimum.

E-bikes are perfect for that as they are powered with electricity, so they don't pollute the environment and use a tiny amount of electricity. E-bikes are your solution if you're looking for a reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly way of driving around the city.

3. Safety

All transports come with an element of risk for your safety. Even when walking, you risk having an accident. However, E-bikes are arguably the safer option compared to mainstream transportation, such as cars or motorcycles.

For starters, you can simply step off if you see a potential risk, and this is something you can't really do with cars or motorcycles. Secondly, E-bikes are fast enough to be useful and fun to ride but give you enough control to feel safe and secure while riding.

4. Affordable

E-bikes offer a far more affordable option for commuters than cars or public transport passes. E-bikes are significantly cheaper than cars, obviously, but you'll also save on many other expenses, such as fuel, parking fees, and maintenance costs that you inevitably have to pay if you own a car.

5. Easy to use

Riding an e-bike is easier than cycling a bike. You have to hop on it and ride it as you would with a regular bike, but you have an assisted pedaling system.

And that is one of the reasons why many people love E-bikes, as some are not able to ride regular bicycles or find them too exhausting to ride. Also, you don't need a driver's license to ride your E-bike, which means fewer expenses overall.

6. Low maintenance costs

The maintenance costs of an E-bike are much lower than motorbikes or cars as e-bikes consist of simple mechanics and require little maintenance. You should ensure that all your screws and bolts are tightened and your tires are inflated at the correct pressure.

7. Customizable

Because E-bikes are so cheap, bicycle decals are becoming very popular recently. Many people like to put fun decals on their e-bike frames to make them more unique. Custom stickers are cheap, easy to get, and apply, but you can also remove them easily.

8. Healthy

E-bikes, according to studies, are just as healthy as regular bikes at improving your health and fitness. Even though E-bikes have pedal-assisting systems, it's still physical exercise and, therefore, good for your mental and physical health.

9. Explore more

Since you can move a lot faster on E-bikes than on regular bikes, it increases your overall riding range. In favorable conditions, e-bikes can travel up to 50+ miles per charge, and if you add additional batteries, you can travel even further than that. Such a long travel range is perfect if you've always wanted to discover farther places but were worried about doing so on a regular bike.

10. Convenient commuting

E-bikes are the perfect solution for you if you commute daily for work. Because you can travel long distances fast, you can easily slash commuting times while avoiding the stressful rush hour, crowded public transport,, and traffic jams. On top of that, with E-bikes, you can go where cars or motorbikes can't. Plus, you never need to look for a parking spot again if you get an E-bike.

11. Fun

We've gone over the more technical benefits, but apart from that, E-bikes are just flat-out fun to ride. Whenever you feel like going for a ride, you just hop on your e-bike and go. Imagine riding your regular bicycle, with the wind breezing through your hair, but without the sweaty and physical part involved with traditional bikes.

12. Easy to store

One of the most significant issues with regular transport modes like cars and motorbikes is having somewhere to store them. This is especially a huge problem if you live in a small apartment and don't have a place to park your car or motorbike safely.

On the other hand, E-bikes are easily foldable into a small package that you can store under the stairs or in a closet. Even non-foldable E-bikes are much easier to find a space for than a car.

13. Quiet

E-bikes are a quiet way to get around, enabling you to relax and enjoy your surrounding without the ear-splitting noise of a car's engine. You'll only hear a faint whirr sound as you accelerate or when climbing hills. Other than that, E-bikes make little to no noise, so noise pollution levels are close to zero.

Final Words

When compared to their fuel-guzzling counterparts, we can see that electric bikes have some distinct advantages. Even after you factor in E-bikes' downsides, you'll probably enjoy your experience with electric bikes, especially if you love cycling.

It's like a moped, but you don't need a license, and on top of that, you save money, help the environment, and keep yourself healthy.

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