Electric Bikes vs Regular Bikes: What's the Difference

by Daniel D February 01, 2023 4 min read

Already have a regular bike, but wondering if electric bikes are better?  Electric bikes, also famously known as e-bikes, are similar to conventional bikes. However, depending on what kind of electric bike you're purchasing, you should consider e-bikes if you want a new or refurbished model. 

When considering whether or not to buy an electric bike, it comes down to how much your budget is, what your biking needs are, and the distance you want to travel. If you are considering an electric bike, let's take a closer look at the key differences between an electric bike and a regular bike. 

Appearance and Mechanics

When you go shopping for electric bikes, the first impression you might get is that it looks like just an ordinary bike. On the other hand, there's a misconception that an electric bike or e-bike is a scooter or motorcycle, which is not valid.

The main difference between e-bikes and regular bikes is the electric components that come with e-bikes: 

  • Battery Pack. Unlike a regular bike, e-bikes come with a removable battery that you charge so you can power up your bike. Just like how you charge your cellular phone's battery to give you the power to use it, the removable battery pack on the e-bike can pedal to make the e-bike move forward. The battery pack is either a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) or Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery.

  • Handlebars. The handlebars on an e-bike usually come with a backlit LCD that tells you the battery level, the speed you're going, an odometer showing the number of kilometres you travelled, and even your favourite trips.

  • Gears. Most electric bikes have 7-8 gears, giving you complete control on customizing your ride each time. For instance, if you try the highest gear and activate the high pedal assist, you can go fast! For a cardio workout, try a low gear and low pedal assist.

  • Motor. Most electric bikes come with a 500 Watt to 750 watt motor. When you ride uphill, the engine can go up 750 watts. While cruising on a flat paved street, the motor travels at 500 watts. 

In summary, the appearance of e-bikes and regular bikes is similar regarding the wheels and frame types, and the pedal and brakes operate similarly. 

E-Bikes are More Powerful than Regular Bikes  

As we mentioned, with electric bikes, the motor is the key difference between an e-bike and a regular bike. Since e-bikes run on a battery-powered motor, it is more powerful than traditional bikes. For instance, an e-bike can speed up faster as your pedalling. While with a regular bike, it'll take longer to pedal to reach the speed of an e-bike. 

Besides being more powerful than a regular bike, you get to choose how you use the motor of electric bikes. For instance, you can switch off the motor and pedal without help from the battery pack. Furthermore, you can get the entire engine range and bike with the maximum speed and power. 

Yet, be careful! You can go twice as fast with maximum use of the e-bike motor. 

Lastly, with the assistance of the engine, e-bikes can climb up hills more quickly than regular bikes.  

E-Bikes Travel Longer Distances 

Along with getting more power and speed from e-bikes, another critical difference between electric bikes and regular bikes is that you'll travel long distances in a shorter period.

The best electric bike can assist in getting to your destinations much faster than a standard bike. For instance, most electric bikes can move from 20 - 28 miles per hour. 

E-bikes Produce Better Fitness Results

You've heard the saying, "No pain, no gain." Some bike enthusiasts believe electric bikes won't get you into shape compared to a regular cycle because e-bikes do all the work for you. Yet, even though you can adjust the resistance on the pedals, you'll still be pedalling just as much as you would on a regular bike. 

Additionally, electric bikes offer the same health benefits that a regular bike does. This includes the following: 

  • Optimizing cardiovascular health

  • Improved joint mobility and muscle flexibility

  • Improved heart health

  • Increased metabolism for weight loss

  • Decreased stress 

All in all, riding an e-bike for health and wellness benefits is achievable. You can still get resistance on an electric bike. Just turn off the pedal assistance to burn those extra calories!  

E-Bikes Are an Economical Investment

If you're tired of spending tons of money on car maintenance and gas, purchasing the best electric bike is an economical investment that can reduce your monthly transportation costs. 

As we've pointed out, the main difference between e-bikes and electric bikes is the battery-operated motor that gives an e-bike more power to travel faster to your destinations. So, even if you decide to ride an e-bike to work every other day or ride it with you to pick something up at the store, you'll save a lot of money on car maintenance. 

Optimized Safety Features on E-Bikes

Another big difference between electric and regular bikes is that e-bikes have an adequate braking system. When you step on the brakes, the motor stops spinning. This safety feature makes it easy to stop and start at stop signs and red lights.  

Additionally, riding an e-bike can help you accelerate more quickly than a conventional bike. This helps manage your speed more efficiently, whether you're moving fast or slow. It's easier to slow down and speed up because less power is needed. 

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