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Everyday Electric E-Bike

Everyday Electric Minnow 16" E-Bike
Everyday Electric Minnow 16" E-Bike
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Everyday Electric Exploit E-Bike
Everyday Electric Exploit E-Bike
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At Knotty Electrics we are your Everyday personal transportation distributor offering an impressive line of Everyday brand e-bikes and electric scooters for daily use. We are ready to help you succeed and set yourself apart as the e-bike reseller your customers trust.

Through competitive pricing and quick delivery across Canada, we help you position yourself as the Everyday e-bike reseller of choice, hands down. With our on-point selection, you can expand your inventory and meet the needs of a growing niche market.  

As your Everyday electric bike distributor, we understand the importance of curating a selection of top-selling brands to fulfill the needs of an expanding market. The Everyday brand is all about getting your customers back on their bikes with electric rides that improve their experience.

All of Everyday Electric's e-bikes and e-scooters are Canadian-made, making them the perfect brand for Canadian resellers. They provide e-bikes and e-scooters that offer an alternate mode of transportation alongside encouragement for people who might be feeling too tired or worn out to use their traditional bikes and scooters.

They offer solutions for bike riders regardless of why they no longer get out and ride.

Considered one of the original e-bikes, the Everyday lineup offers leading-edge power, sleek designs and models to suit any rider's needs.

Whether your customers want to zip around town, hit the trails with added power for hills, or have an A-level rider experience with a gear for every mode, Everyday’s got them covered. And they don’t just offer e-bikes. They also have an electric scooter line for daily use, offering a cooler way for younger people to zip about town.

Riders might tell you that some of the best electric bikes are from Everyday Electric because they offer a fun, smooth and easy ride.

This is the brand that riders of all types have discovered, whether they want to take on hills a little more easily, go further with less leg power, or just rediscover the joy of cycling with reduced effort.

Whether it’s the Everyday Exploit electric bike, or an electric scooter for daily use, Everyday is changing the way people view transportation. Their electric bikes and e-scooters are the perfect solution to expand your inventory for both the serious cyclist or the customer looking for a way to skip traffic and jammed public transit and get where they’re going fast.


We are your Everyday Electric e-bike wholesale supplier answering the demand for city-smart, eco-friendly modes of transportation.

Everyday electronic bikes and e-scooters are the solution to the crush of city living where streets are congested with traffic, and public transportation is operating at full capacity.

Your customers are fed up with looking for a place to park and worrying about being late for work due to traffic or unreliable public transportation. Everyday electronic bikes and scooters have choices that make it easier for them to get to and from work, run errands, or get out and enjoy some sunshine. 

Everyday Electric is committed to finding solutions to today's transportation problems, perfectly suited to the green lifestyles of today's eco-conscious consumers. Everyday offers choices for electronic bikes and e-scooters, so regardless of your customers’ age or budget, they can find what they need. E-mobility offers many benefits, including:

  • Green personal transportation
  • Affordability to suit almost any budget
  • Easy to park transportation in congested cities
  • City-friendly individual transportation
  • Easy-to-display models ideal for smaller shops


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