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Blutron One S40
Blutron One S40
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Blutron One Plus - S65
Blutron One Plus - S65
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At Knotty Electrics we are your Blutron electric scooter wholesale distributor, offering your customers the latest and greatest Blutron brand e-scooters.

Our competitive pricing allows you to edge out the competition as the Blutron e-scooter reseller of choice in your area. The Knotty Electrics team is ready to help you expand your inventory with Blutron models.  

Blutron has become a personal transportation leader, meeting the changing needs of a tech-savvy niche market. The electronic scooter has become the mode of transportation for smart city dwellers and suburbanites alike looking for an affordable, green solution that overcomes common challenges of getting around today.

As the latest eco-friendly transportation option, e-scooters are sweeping the nation, with many cities adopting pilot programs and policies to adapt to this convenient transportation solution.

Blutron is an excellent brand for expanding  your inventory and meeting your commitment to providing best-in-class e-mobiltity products to your customers. Blutron is a top-selling brand ensuring you meet the growing demand for personal transportation products.

The name Blutron stands for clean power, with e-scooters designed as an energy-sustainable and eco-friendly personal mobility solution. Under the brilliant minds of industrial designers, structural engineers, and battery/motor experts in the e-mobility industry like you, they are committed to the best price, design, and experience for each and every rider. 

The Blutron brand has chosen to do one thing exceptionally well. Their Blutron One and Blutron Plus One electric scooters offer epic performance with power on demand for a smooth and effortless ride whether your customers ride to work, school, or just to get around town.

They are designed for safety and built to last for years of superior performance your customers can depend on year after year.  Blutron’s goal is to liberate their riders from the day-to-day frustrations of conventional transportation, with the freedom to get around effortlessly.


Blutron electric scooters are filling a growing niche market where affordability meets practical transportation solutions. As a highly versatile mode of transportation, Blutron offers electric scooters for sale across Canada that are the logical choice for city dwellers who don’t want to contend with the traffic, lack of parking and pollution related to other vehicles.

They offer the ideal way to travel in congested cities for go-getters interested in spending their money on high-quality, high-tech products that make life easier. They also want products built to last that won’t harm the environment.

Riders also love the fact there are zero associated costs with electronic scooters and how their portability makes it easy to store them anywhere. Blutron electric scooters offer many benefits as a personal transportation option, including: 

  • Fast and sporty
  • Portable
  • Affordable to buy and maintain
  • Easy storage and parking
  • City friendly

They are also easy to display for resellers even in smaller shops. 


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