As national eMobility distributors, our legacy is built on trust, reliability, and an adventurous spirit. Fuelled by passion and unwavering commitment to quality, we guarantee the finest customer experience while pioneering innovation in every stride.

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Knotty Electrics isn’t just innovative in our products – we’re also smart about how we get them to you. With warehouses on both the east and west coast, we’ve got the country covered . This means no matter where you are, our wide reach ensures th at your products will reach you without hassle.

Experience our seamless distribution process today, and discover how easy it is to have Knotty Electrics as your eMobility partner.

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Discover our dynamic lineup of eMobility solutions , redefining your journey with every ride.

Crafting the Knotty Electrics Legacy

Spark to Craft:

Crafting the Knotty Electrics Legacy

Knotty Electrics emerged from a spark of innovation, where we turned challenges into opportunities, and that spark ignited a journey rooted in practicality. Over time, our commitment expanded beyond merely providing eMobility products. We are the keystone national distributor for retail, across canada, recognized for our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional solutions.

Our evolution has been made possible by an extensive network of warehouse and logistics partners who work seamlessly behind the scenes, ensuring that what we do is not only possible but also remarkably easy. This collaborative effort has enabled us to stand at the forefront of eMobility leadership, where we continue to drive sustainable transportation forward.

From that initial spark to our current array of cutting-edge eMobility solutions, our legacy stands as a testament to progress and a spirit of exploration.

Join us today in contributing to the eco-friendly mobility revolution.

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Trusted Allies Along the Road

Knotty has been an excellent partner in our growth plan. They resolve issues quickly and help us towards hitting our sales goals.

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Segway of Ontario

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