Kugoo G2 Pro
Kugoo G2 Pro
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Kugoo G2 MAX
Kugoo G2 MAX
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At Knotty Electrics we are your Kugoo electric scooter wholesale distributor offering an impressive line of Kugoo brand e-scooters to easily meet the high expectations of your customers.

Our highly competitive pricing helps you position yourself as the Kugoo e-scooter reseller of choice in your area. You can expand your inventory with leading-edge electric scooters designed for fun, easy transportation, ideal for kids and adults alike.

The Kugoo electric scooter line offers an eco-friendly mode of transportation with a wide variety of models allowing you to expand your inventory of safe, efficient e-scooters. As your electric scooter distributor, we understand the importance of curating a selection of top-selling brands to ensure you meet the growing demand for e-mobility products.

Kugoo e-scooters arrived on the scene in 2015 with their eco-friendly and popular Cool Green scooter. The brand is motivated to develop state-of-the-art, eco-friendly electric scooters offering the best riding experience for customers. Their foldable electric scooters are ideal for urbanites with limited storage space.

Kugoo offers best-in-class speed, form and function at an affordable price that appeals to the masses. The e-scooter is easy to ride even in congested areas, allowing riders to use the sidewalk or scoot across open public spaces.

These are high-performance electric scooters that stand out from the competition, with several models available for top performance.

Kugoo offers several  models to help you create a very comprehensive inventory with something for everyone, including:

  • Kugoo M2 pro foldable electric scooter
  • Kugoo M2 pro electric scooter
  • Kugoo electric scooter G2 pro
  • Kugoo G2 pro foldable electric scooter
  • Kugoo M4 pro electric scooter
  • Kugoo G2 pro electric scooter
  • Kugoo M4 electric scooter

Whether your customers are looking for a fun, leisurely ride, an intense dependable commuter or something in between, you can provide a full inventory ready to meet their needs with Kugoo.


We are your Kugoo electric scooter wholesale supplier, ready to resolve the pain points of your riders. Kugoo electronic scooters meet customer demand as a popular mode of urban transportation.

In fact, the worldwide e-scooter market continues to rise due to rapid urbanization, making it nearly impossible for city dwellers to get around easily. As populations increase, every square inch of land is needed for housing, reducing the number of and size of parking lots and creating serious infrastructure issues for city planners.

As well public transportation is failing to keep up with exploding populations, which means more people are seeking an alternative mode of transportation.

Kugoo is committed to meeting all of these challenges head-on, offering the ideal solution whether riders need to get to work, school, or around town. Kugoo electronic scooters offer many benefits, including:

  • Eco-conscious:Electric scooters don’t depend on carbon-producing fuels, making them eco-friendly, and appealing to today’s consumer.
  • Quick and portable:Riders zip around town and can dock their scooter just about anywhere.
  • Affordable: E-scooters are accessible to people of all budgets, unlike e-bikes and cars.
  • Easy to store: Regardless of where riders go, work or live, they can store a scooter just about anywhere.
  • Sidewalk friendly: E-bikes are too fast for sidewalks, while scooters are safe to ride anywhere.
  • Easy to display: E-scooters are suitable for smaller shops as inventory doesn’t take up a lot of space.


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