8 E-scooter Tips You Should Follow This Summer

by Daniel D May 24, 2023 4 min read

At Knotty Scooter Co., we want to ensure the longevity of your electric scooter and are concerned with your overall health. In this article, we will provide eight tips to maintain your e-scooter during the summer and to increase its overall lifespan. By following these suggestions, you can enjoy your scooter for a very long time.

1. Do not ride during extreme temperatures

If you reside in a scorching climate, do not ride your scooter during peak hot hours. It should only be ridden when temperatures are mild. When temperatures exceed 40°C, not only will your scooter be at risk, but your overall health as well.

The Blutron model comes with double overcharging protection, temperature controls, short circuit protection, etc. This will make maintenance easy and provide a safer riding experience.

If you ride in hot temperatures, consider a light-coloured scooter with summer features. Dark colours heat up too quickly in the sun. Extra heat decreases electronic performance, increases the chance of malfunction, and shortens the lifespan.

In this case, find a scooter with a smart battery management system, preventing it from overheating while charging (Blutron). Your screen should also have excellent contrast and be illuminated to see it in the sun.

2. Buy a well-ventilated helmet

A helmet with good ventilation will keep you cool during hot temperatures and prevent you from overheating. Most helmets will come with plush padding, thus reducing sweat.

Additionally, helmets with adequate ventilation provide continuous airflow making a ride enjoyable.

3. Regularly check tires

As temperatures soar, so does the pavement. Tires tend to be the first to feel the effects. Even solid tires deteriorate quicker during summer, so regularly check them, as they will affect your scooter’s performance.

It is advisable to decrease tire pressure by 2-3 PSI. Air pressure in pneumatic tires (as in the Ninebot and Blutron models) increases in hot weather. Decrease your air pressure if you are riding for a long time.

If you are riding with a tire pressure that is too low or high, it will increase your chances of a flat tire. Correct tire pressures should always be according to manufacturer recommendations.

When temperatures exceed 32°C, deflate the tires by 2-3 PSI, as this amount will increase pressure from heat.

4. Don’t immediately charge your scooter

If you ride your scooter daily, you may be charging it after every ride. It makes sense to frequently charge your scooter, as allowing a battery to discharge fully is bad for it. However, summertime offers some different charging caveats to scooter riders.

You should wait 30 minutes after a long ride in the summer to begin charging. This allows the device to cool, prolonging battery life. With a bit of protection, your battery can be extended further.

If you can, charge the scooter in a well-ventilated environment with temperatures not exceeding 40°C. However, you should check your manual, as the perfect temperature can vary according to brand.

Keeping the battery in a location with non-extreme and stable temperatures assists in keeping the electric scooter performing better. It will also reduce the effects of charging it in the sun.

5. Use the manufacturer’s charger for the scooter

Always use the charger provided by the company, as using it helps maintain the performance of your scooter and prolong its life. Using low-quality alternatives may initially prove affordable. However, this can decrease performance and also reduce the battery’s lifespan over time.

Additionally, take excellent care of the battery. Avoid dropping or throwing it, as this may dent it. Contact your dealer if you notice:

  • The battery isn’t charging, there is an odour, or the scooter abruptly stops.
  • Dents or physical battery damage.
  • The battery is wet, or there is water intrusion in your battery.

6. Store the scooter away from direct sunlight

Storage is essential during summertime. Extreme temperatures harm the scooter’s battery. Furthermore, direct sunlight can deteriorate enclosure materials. Locate a storage area where the temperatures remain between 10°C to 30°C.

7. When cleaning the scooter, remove the battery if possible

If you are removing detachable scooter parts, they should be cleaned separately. If your electric scooter has a removable battery, this should be removed before cleaning. Avoid too much contact with water. Please refrain from using high-pressure water or solvents when washing your scooter, as these can damage it.

While there are waterproof batteries, you should still exercise caution. Do not immerse them in water or ride during rainfall for prolonged periods.

8. Regularly grease the suspension

Greasing the scooter’s suspension should be done once monthly, no matter the season. It may need additional greasing in the summer if you reside in a location with dry and hot summers.

When the environment is dry, more dust is found on the road. This increases the likelihood that the suspension will become dirty. Ensure that you conduct frequent inspections and grease and clean it as often as necessary.

Where to Go for the Best Scooters

At Knotty Scooter Co., we provide scooters suited for all your summertime driving needs. Consult us on what product would be best for your situation, and we can recommend the appropriate device.

By following the previous tips, your scooter will remain in optimal condition regardless of the temperature or season. For more information, contact us here or email us at info@knottyscooters.ca.