How to Lock Your Electric Scooter

by Daniel D May 10, 2023 5 min read

Are you looking for a way to secure that nice Ninebot KickScooter MAX? Increases in electric scooter purchases bring another issue: theft. For those who live in a large city, e-scooter and bike thefts are rampant in some areas. If you invest this kind of money into your transportation, it is always best to protect it.

Some experts cite that never leaving your e-scooter outdoors is the best way to prevent theft. Despite placing a lock on it, an experienced thief may be able to pick through it. However, suppose you are in a situation wherein it is not feasible to bring it indoors, such as making a delivery or visiting a coffee shop. In that case, you will need to lock it.

5 Methods to Lock Your Electric Scooter

You may need to incorporate more than one of these methods. Using two or more ways to lock your e-scooter is advisable because thieves can be far more experienced than you imagine.

Picking one lock can take mere seconds. However, if they must pick more than one, it will give you more time to catch them in the act. They may also leave it alone altogether.

1. Examine the electric scooter for locking points

The first step in securing a scooter is discovering the strongest secure locking points in which you can thread the lock. The best type of lock is one that fits snugly around the frame. Select a lock that cannot be easily broken using tools, cut with bolt/wire cutters, or tampered with using an electric drill. Also, find a lock that is highly portable.

Examine the scooter and identify a secure locking point to size your lock correctly. These will involve using structural areas, consisting of sturdy materials/attachments that will not easily break off or unscrew. A bulky scooter may need a larger lock to slip through the frame yet still wrap around a fixed point like bike racks or poles.

The best locking location for a scooter are:

  • Through your folding mechanism
  • Around your stem
  • Through its carrying handle

When locking your scooter, avoid threading it through wheels, as they can easily unbolt through removable or weak parts or around the handlebars. If someone wants to steal your scooter, make the job as difficult and time-consuming as you can for them. It will either act as a deterrent because it isn’t a quick theft, or it will permit time for someone to catch them.

2. Use a high-security lock

Physical locks are a must-have. Security level and pricing will range, but it will provide protection. Pass your lock through your scooter’s frame and a solid bike post at its joint. This juncture is where the deck and stem connect. During brief trips, this will keep the scooter secure.

Most locks, like the Ninebot Password Lock for kick scooters, incorporate a five-digit combination. They have a solid inner core with a braided steel anti-theft steel wire. It would take a while for a thief to break through.

While it isn’t the perfect security solution, incorporating the other tools mentioned below will reduce your chances of theft.

3. Thread a U-lock through secure locking points

The best spot for locking on an electric scooter is through a non-removable part of a stem. Some electric scooters come with carrying handles or contain slots designed for locking.

The Inokim Light 2 contains a center slot in its folding mechanism, making it perfect for locking. If handles are part of its frame, like in the Blurton, they provide the ideal point for threading your lock.

While these are common points for a security anchor, use your best judgment regarding your make and model.

4. Lock your scooter to permanent fixtures

While this appears to be common sense, any guide will provide the same advice. If you lock a scooter to fixtures cemented to the ground or a similar fixed structure, it is less likely to be stolen.

Choose something that a thief is unable to lift easily or dismantle. Wide steel/aluminum posts, stair railings, or bike racks provide the most safety. Avoid metal fences since they are thin enough for thieves to use wire cutters.

5. Double-lock your scooter

There are additional ways to lock a scooter if you need to place it outside. These other options, as listed below, will ensure your scooter is kept safe:

Electronic Theft Deterrent

Many electronic scooters have anti-theft features. Some can also be easily installed using plug-and-play cabling. Others may require professionals to wire them electrically. The most popular and easiest anti-theft lock is a key start ignition, which controls your scooter’s power. NFC card readers and key fobs will also add an extra layer of protection.

You cannot power the scooter if you don’t have any of these devices. Furthermore, there are immobilizer alarms that prevent the wheels from moving. They have an audible alarm that triggers if someone moves the scooter. The only downside is that it sometimes drains the battery.

If you have a Segway Ninebot, note the lock icon on the app. This electric lock can be activated by swiping down the icon. While locked, the throttle cannot be engaged. If someone moves the scooter, the brakes lock, and your device’s alarm will sound. Additionally, the Blutron has a lock on its app, keeping it safe.

You can also use the Remote Starter from More 4 Motion. It can be installed on a scooter in 60 seconds by connecting wires between the stem and handlebars. When installed, it lets you power the scooter off and on by pressing a button.

Disc Brake Locks and Ring Locks

These attach to your wheel, immobilizing the scooter. Scooters with wheel spokes have limited space for ring locks. It may fit around a pole and the scooter, but the shape is restrictive.

Disc brakes come with cables to wrap around objects. However, wire cutters can easily break through them.

Tracking and Recovery Methods

Never assume that no one will ever steal your scooter. Use the following tracking methods, and do not leave anything up to chance.

GPS Trackers

A GPS tracker provides a recovery tactic if your scooter is ever taken. They are affordable, easy to use, and lightweight. There are also ways to hide a tracker on a scooter:

  • Battery compartment: Remove your battery cover and place the tracker next to your battery.
  • Scooter stem: Unfasten the stem connection/handlebar. Place a tracker on your stem.

Record Serial Numbers

Recording your serial number when you purchase it is another recovery tactic. While it may seem futile, it can distinguish your scooter from others. For a Ninebot Max, your number is located close to your charge port. The E25A, ES1, E45, ES4, and ES3 models have it on the base of their deck.

Where can you purchase locks for a scooter?

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