Are Segway Electric Scooters Safe for Kids?

by Daniel D June 15, 2023 5 min read

Decades ago, hoverboards and Segways appeared to be futuristic. As they gained popularity, these seemingly futuristic designs now can be seen everywhere, from sidewalks to the local park. Child-sized versions of the Segway electric scooter are now available, much to the enthusiasm of many kids. However, are they completely safe?

Segway’s Ninebot KickScooters were created to be a safe and environmentally-friendly method of transportation. Equipped with gyroscopic sensors, two wheels, electric motors, and a stabilization system, they appear secure. Yet, are they? What do you need to know as a parent to keep your child safe?

Safety Features

Overall, e-scooters are safe. They come equipped with different features to prevent children from accidents while considering the nature of your children. Segway e-scooters come equipped with the following:

  • Three riding modes with different speeds per gear: This allows the child to easily transition from beginner to advanced without feeling overwhelmed by the power.
  • Ability to kickstart: Kickstarting the ride allows them to engage the device quickly.
  • Ambient lights: These keep your children visible in darker lights. They also appear to be very aesthetic and engage whenever the scooter’s wheels are moving.
  • Powerful braking systems: This means your child merely needs to step on their brakes strongly for several seconds to stop.

Important Features

There are important features that parents need to consider when buying an e-scooter for their child. These include:

  • Battery charge:You will want enough battery power to enable the scooter to last for a long time on a single charge. Also, go for a lithium-ion battery so that the power remains consistent throughout the charge.
  • Scooter range:Ensure that the scooter can go the distance appropriate for your child’s age and maturity level. Additionally, select a scooter that has a quick charge and a minimum range of 30 km.
  • Maximum speed restrictions: Find a scooter with an adjustable maximum speed restriction. This will allow you to increase and decrease speed within seconds, depending on age and experience.

By design, a Segway e-scooter was created to be safe. However, as parents, we have a role to play, too.

Additional Considerations

No method of transportation can keep your child completely injury-free. This is true no matter what type of vehicle they ride. All a parent can do is teach a child how to use the device as it was intended. This involves informing them of the consequences and the importance of safe riding.

However, children will be children. Anyone who is a parent knows that they don’t always listen, and you can’t protect them 24/7. So, this is when we do our research to keep them safe.

Adult, Teen, or Child: Check the E-Scooter Type

As parents, you need to be aware that not all Segway electric scooters are made for kids. Some are designed for teens and adults. These categories must be strictly adhered to for your child’s safety, as they differ by design and safety features. Before allowing your child to ride a scooter, always check the manufacturer’s specifications.

Check Weight and Age Restrictions

Each scooter has a weight and age category. The age category is crucial because it serves as a general guideline for which one to choose. However, it is not written in stone. This is where weight also plays a factor.

Weight will dictate the e-scooter type since you shouldn’t exceed weight restrictions. Kids that are too light may not properly operate the scooter. Those that weigh beyond the restrictions may end up damaging the device.

An additional risk for those below the minimum age and weight restrictions is the chance they can’t completely interact with the balancing system. It should be noted that children weighing less than 55 lbs might not be able to stop or slow down a Segway because weight needs to be shifted back when stopping.

Examine the Scooter’s Size

While you may be looking at design and features, you need to keep size in mind. If your child is unable to steer or move the scooter safely, it may be too big. E-scooters that are too large for a rider can result in injury.

For smaller children, locate a smaller and lighter version. Read the manual and check the dimensions to ensure the scooter is right for your child. Handlebar and seat height, along with the standing deck dimensions, are factors that shouldn’t be ignored.

While you may be tempted to buy a larger scooter to allow for “grow room”, your kid may be scared because it might not allow them full control. To ensure your child is fully confident, select the right size.

Know Your Child’s Personality and Skill Level

While this factor may seem strange to consider, there is a reason for doing so. A child who seems very calm and collected normally can sometimes turn into a different person at maximum speed. It is exciting, and an adrenaline rush can accompany going fast. This is normal.

However, as a parent, you may need to calm them down. You will need to inform them that being reckless can quickly lead to injury. Instruct your kids not to push their Segway past its limitations. This may involve telling them not to continue to ride when receiving a Stick Shake Warning, not leaning forward with a Speed Limiter Alert, or driving over slippery surfaces and steep slopes.

If your child operates a bike skillfully, they should have no difficulties with an e-scooter. For very energetic children who tend to be risk-takers, you may want a slower and less powerful scooter like the Segway Ninebot A6. This scooter is designed with several safety features and three levels of speed. It is perfect for the beginner and in terms of power.

For a child who wants an e-scooter with a little more oomph and is a more experienced rider, consider the Ninebot Zing E12 or the Ninebot C20. These scooters will match their skill, fold easily, have numerous safety options, and have a higher maximum speed.

Children who are level-headed and calm will not have difficulties with scooters. They will not exceed the limits or initiate risky behaviours. However, you may want to initially observe your child to ensure that you get them the right e-scooter.

Teach Them the Basics

After you select the right scooter, your child must be taught how to ride it safely. They will need to know:

  • Proper braking
  • Acceleration
  • Correct steering

Your child should know how to use the electric scooter before going into traffic. Scooters are not safe if they cannot reach the controls or don’t know how to maneuver them. This is not something that they can just figure out on their own. Therefore, you will have to teach them how to use the scooter.

As a parent, you can teach them yourself. Another option is to use an experienced rider. Get them to teach your child how to ride the scooter properly, turn, and stop. They can watch your child’s first ride for 5-10 minutes or until they understand how it works. Regardless, beginners should start at low speeds until they learn to handle the scooter.

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