Preserve Your Segway Scooter’s Battery With These 5 Essential Tips

by Daniel D December 01, 2022 4 min read

Did you know that one of the biggest complaints of Segway scooter owners is the battery? Unfortunately, that’s because many users don’t know how to perverse their Segway scooter’s battery and wind up draining and damaging it.

You see, the battery on these scooters is similar to your smartphone's battery and needs to be maintained properly. This can be a big issue if you use your Segway scooter to ride to work or to school, as if your battery dies, you’ll get stuck in the middle of the road.

Your best bet is to preserve the battery as much as possible. We’ve put together this helpful guide, so you know the best ways to help your Segway better last as long as possible.

Proper Care From the Get-Go

Although your Segway scooter might look to you more like a ‘’toy’’ to have fun with, it is a transportation vehicle, so you need to maintain it like you would with a car.

One of the main parts of this e-scooter that needs special care and maintenance is the battery. Think of it is like a car's engine, as Segway scooters’ only ‘’engine’’ is their battery.

Usually, the battery’s warranty period is shorter than the warranty period of the scooter itself. The e-scooter’s manufacturers state that the lifespan of an average battery is between 300 to 500 charge cycles.

But, you don’t need to worry and start furiously counting and keeping track of all your chargers, as this is just an estimate, and with the following tips, you’ll be able to extend those numbers.

So, let’s get into the actual tips on making your Segway scooter’s battery last much longer:

1. Keep it charged

Keep your Segway scooter’s battery charged whenever possible. I know that the majority of urban citizens do not burn through the whole battery charge over one ride to work and back home on a daily basis.

However, it is usually better if you don’t deplete your battery’s charge completely and try to recharge it in the evening while the battery still has around 10% of the charge left.

Another important thing is to keep recharging your Segway scooter on a daily basis, even if you only used 5% of the battery that day because if you leave the battery unused for too long, it can cause rust and break the battery down over prolonged periods of time.

2. Know your scooter’s battery

You have to know the battery’s specs, such as the volts, ampere-hours, watt-hours, and the type of battery. If your manufacturer did not list the battery’s watt-hours, you could calculate the value by multiplying the ampere-hours by the voltage.

Additionally, it’s important to test or be mindful of how long your scooter travels on a full charge. Remember that their range depends on many factors, such as terrain, weather, and so on.

Getting your true range can take a few trips to get a good ballpark estimate of how far your scooter can go. Knowing the true range is crucial as it will give you an idea of how much your Segway scooter battery capacity is and what numbers you need to maintain.

Charge your segway scooter regularly

Charging your battery often will not only avoid a drained battery but also maximizes your Segway scooter battery life.

Even if there’s still a lot of battery charge left on your Segway scooter after a whole day of riding it, still make it a point to charge your battery. By doing this, you’ll put much less stress on the battery and maintain your battery’s optimal condition.

4. Avoid overcharging the battery

While it’s crucial to charge your battery regularly, it’s equally important to not overcharge it. Once it’s fully charged, disconnect it immediately from the plug.

Manufacturers share the average or maximum charging time of your battery, so make sure to keep an eye on your battery when the time is almost up.

If you charge your Segway Canada scooter too much and leave it over the recommended time, it could damage your scooter’s battery.

5. Store your scooter at the right temperature

Your Segway scooter’s battery can be damaged by different temperatures, meaning that you should keep your scooter where the temperature changes are not too drastic.

Optimal temperature can vary per model or brand, so it’s best to check your scooter’s specifications.

If the optimal temperature is not written in the manual or specs, just ensure that it’s not stored in a space that’s not too hot or too cold, as it could significantly damage your battery.

Final Words:

Being mindful of how you ride your Segway scooter, as it can significantly affect how long your battery lasts.

Although the above-mentioned tips won’t make your battery last indefinitely, as with every single electronic device, there will come a time when it’ll be nearly unusable, and you’ll need to change it.

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